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I make custom handbags, pouches and homewares from antique textiles of Kimono, Japanese traditional garments and new fabric inspired by Kimono designs and patterns.

I have traveled many different countries and always appreciated local arts and cultures, particularly the world of textiles. Every country has distinctive designs and characteristics rooted in individual culture, history and lifestyle. Japanese Kimono as well is known for its unique elegance and craftsmanship.

Kimono has a long history of more than 600 years with its basic style essentially unchanged. Today, in modern Japanese lifestyle, few people wear Kimono as everyday attire, but are still enjoyed by many for formal occasions and festivities. Also, it has always been popular to remake unused Kimono into other articles. In fact, my mom had handmade bed pillows using Kimono worn by my grandma for her seventh birthday, and I still use them every day. It was rather natural for me to grow up with the idea of making something from my favorite fabric.

Due to limited size of the source textile, I can make only 3 or 4 handbags from one Kimono sash, which gives a unique advantage to my products. My goal is to provide you with practical items matched to current lifestyle, yet maximizing the original beauty of Kimono textile. I select only high-quality new, or like-new materials. The products are originally designed and handmade by me at a small studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I am responsible for every step until I send the products to you. I do not outsource any step of the process.

My business may go against the current ideas of contemporary fast fashion and mass production, yet, I believe in traditional value to cherish good quality items for a long time. Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you will find something one-of-a-kind for you, your family and friends at Greenjames.com!

Rei Suzuki,

Founder and Owner, Greenjames.com