Orange Scrolls Handbag


Custom bags made of vintage textile from Japan.

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Enjoy this one-of-a-kind handbag made from vintage Obi (kimono sash from Japan) fully woven with silk fabric. We can produce only 2-3 bags from one sash. 

Chic and elegant.  Designed to maximize the original beauty of the Obi fabric. Hand-made, fully lined.  Each side of the bag has a different pattern, so you can enjoy it both ways. Handles are long enough to be worn over the shoulder. Great for everyday use, as well as parties or special occasions.

Dimensions: 4“ d x 9“ w x 9.5“ h (19“ including handles)

The pattern on each product may vary from the photo, as we cut from different parts of the sash. We use vintage textiles in good condition only, however please keep in mind that vintage textiles may have slight imperfections.  Significant imperfections, if any, will be noted in the product description.  If you wish to know more about the product, please contact us before your actual order.

Japanese traditional costume is not designed to be washed at home.  May be spot cleaned at your own risk or dry-cleaned. No machine wash.

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